The Word of 2016 is Joy

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Most of the end of the year ends with this grief excitement of the unresolved resolution from the few years back. But it’s something to be advised indeed. When everyone has the same succesfull manner, there won’t be any Einstein or Newton being mentioned in the book of science and history of humankind. While few people are made special, most are made ordinary.

Everyone thinks of themselves to be extraordinary, but mere few of them that really is. This is the essence of lesson that I have been practicing over the past years: the art of being selfless.

I had came to think that I’m not the center of the universe. Not anymore.

All the toys. All the love from my parents. All the attentions. All the friends. Abstract and concrete, they do not attract toward me. We attract each other. We are one universe.

Since so many of things had happened and so many thoughts had actually been proved right.

I wish everyone could just grasp the idea of the old saying.

Kindness is courage.

When we accidentally gathered to spend new year together this year, I was again asking the same questions I would ask every end of the year when I had the chance to: What are the biggest three things happen in your life last year? And: What are the biggest three things you wish to happen in your life next year?

We humans often aim for big dreams, big wishes, and expectations, but forget the essential part.

For me, I almost forget that I’m kind of lucky to have been married and graduated in 2015. Two of the greatest resolution I should have been had for the year. After all, resolution doesn’t have to be an exhausting waste of list. Maybe it should have been just one or two comitted ones.

So the following year I resolute three aims:

  • Paying of the debt
  • Giving birth to a baby boy
  • Working on regular income for the house

This sensible resolution somehow reminds me of a Japanese’s culture I read in Kobo-Chan—children comics. The comic explains about this custom where people write a single Kanji word that resolutes the whole year during the new year. So I asked Fair about what word he had in mind and he answered: Joy.


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How I Met Your Father. A story of Ken Mosby.

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